Honor Review


5 ++++ dirty devil STARTS .

Honor was one of the stories I was anticipating most read in 2016.And Jay crownover didn't disappoint one bit deliver us a amazing and powerful story.

From having read The Point Series I always knew that Nassir Story Would be amazing.And I was right.No doubt Nassir become my fave anti-hero of The Point . I Just love This dirty devil .And Keeley is not behind. She is an amazing heroine and perfect for Nassir. The two together are a fantastic, powerful and dangerous combination, just the perfect couple.

Nassir is a complex character, but it is impossible not to fall in love with it right at PROLOGUE when we understand all he passed.He is dangerous, evil man, broody, dark, strong, aggressive, and controlling man.But he has a weakness, which goes by the name of Keeley.It's amazing how one man dangerous and evil can turn in relation to her.With her This dirty devil turns a sympathetic man, possessive, protective and would do anything for her. I never thought he could be a man in love as we see it is and it's amazing to see these two sides of this man.He was imperfectly perfect men.

And Keleey ?Sometimes I thought she was tougher than Nassir.But she's an amazing character too. I think she proved to be the perfect match for Nassir. She's not afraid of it, it's tough, strong, courageous is once it is allowed to fall by Nassir, she shows so protective of him as he is hers.

These two were so interesting and amazing, and I loved the developments they both went through in this book, as individuals and eventually as a couple.I loved the development of their relationship the relationship, and how once they agree with each other is this. They are always there for each other.

Honor It's my favorite story of this series by far. It was impossible not to fall in love with this story and these characters that to me seemed so real.They are imperfect, real, and true to the end for me it became the perfect blend.

Honor It's an intriguing story, mysterious, romantic agreed that will leave you to finish the book and when finished will feel to have finished the book so fast.Action, mystery, suspense, romance, badass characters, and an amazing plot are elements that you will find this incredible story.

And to finish my review, I can only say that I fell in love with this dirty devil.

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